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We always encourage our clients to have their heater serviced annually. Have your car winterized annually. A radiator rinse and clean coolant will help extend the life of your car heater core. This is one of the best investments you can make in your auto next to regular oil changes. Our goal is to help you minimize repairs.

With our expertise at Bryant, we have the knowledge to effectively trouble shoot your car heating system. There are multiple elements that can cause the heat in your vehicle to not work properly. We assure you that we will track down the cause of the problem and implement the correct car heater repair.

The heater core is buried behind the dash. Replacing a heater core can be expensive, since it is a fairly time intensive operation. Flushing uses a chemical that detaches rust. When you remove the rust the metal is getting thinner. This can result in all kinds of small coolant leaks. Annual maintenance of your coolant is designed to keep your system healthy. We can run clear water through your system to remove sealers. Then service the system with antifreeze to maintain the specific gravity.

  1. Coolant Circulation - When coolant becomes dirty from lack of maintenance. Your engine will run hotter and your car heater will not be warm.
  2. Reduced Airflow - This simplest of all car heater repairs, as it usually only requires a filter replacement.
  3. Car Heater Core Leaks -If you have moisture droplets on the inside and a slightly sweet smelling liquid.

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