Auto Air
Conditioning Repair

Proper maintenance will save you money: Your auto air conditioning system is in a constant state of wear and tear. Temperature extremes and auto vibration cause many problems over time. As temperatures rise pressure extremes inside the system can cause gas leaks. With our expertise, we are able to efficiently track down the leak, repair it, recharge your system and have you quickly back on the road in comfort.

As temperatures rise, your AC creates more moisture, which is handled by desiccant in the system drier. Heat extremes can cause the desiccant in the drier to burst, allowing the desiccant to migrate into the compressors sealed system. Desiccant is like sand. Once desiccant enters the compressor, it will destroy the compressor. Preventive maintenance through annual auto air conditioning service will allow us to replace the auto air conditioning drier before it can get inside the system.

  1. Annual Service - This will save you money by repairing before failure.
  2. Troubleshooting - Professionals have the knowledge and tools to efficiently solve your problems.
  3. AC Repair - Expertise is fixing only what is required saves you money.

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