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Conditioning Parts

Custom hoses: Stop worrying about having the right parts. You can now get hoses customized to your specification. We provide custom made tubing, build aluminum tubing, and hoses for your AC and power steering. What’s more we use the highest quality materials for custom parts.

Custom : We can turn your classic auto into a completely modern one that everyone will love.

Rebuilds: We are available to rebuild your ac compressor if it has been compromised. We disassemble and reseal them helping you maintain the value in your classic auto.

Expansion Valves, Driers, Etc.: If you are building your own system, we have a diverse supply of compressors, filters, driers, hoses, A/C supplies, condensers and more. While, you can find most of these parts online, they do not guarantee good performance. For the best quality parts check with us.

Remember that we will always give you the best advice as professionals. If you are unsure what the problem is, you deserve to know what is right for your system.

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